1. Create your plan within payhere.

You can find a recap on creating a plan here if you need it.

If you want to direct your customer to a certain page after a successful payment (thank you page, create password etc) now is the time to do so. Within plan creation select advanced and you will see where you can enter the success URL.

You can then copy the link that we have created for you to your payment page.

2. Link button on Bubble out to plan URL

Once you have created your button on Bubble right click on it and open the start/edit workflow Then click through on the following- add action, navigation, open external website and enter the URL in the description box as shown below. 

3. Payments are ready to go!

When your app is live and the button is pressed they will be taken to the payhere payment page to enter details.

4. Redirect to your selected page after payment.

In this case I simply created another page within Bubble that displays the message that I need to tell my recently signed up customer. This of course could be the next step within an onboarding flow.

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